Crab in da Bag

In Fusion, Seafood on December 17, 2013 at 11:02 pm

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I spotted Crab in da Bag (CIDB) at the Playground, Big Splash, a couple of months back and wasn’t quite sure if it was a place worth checking out. With the flurry of new and noted places sprouting about the island almost on a bi-weekly basis, I figured CIDB would probably not rank too highly on the places to go while the boys sleep list. All of that changed when I came across Chubby Hubby’s rave review of the place, and decided to make it the place to go to for our much delayed date night.

photo 2

Having already dined at the Cajun Kings over at Jalan Riang some time back (apologies, was busy with the boys then and blogging wasn’t on the radar!), I guess both G and I were already expecting something as good, if not better. While I know the CIDB’s style is cajun inspired as opposed to being pure cajun, the overall experience was a little bit of a let down. I could forgive the corny deco if the food was good, but I felt the food kinda missed the mark. We had a bag of clams and a bag of sri lankan crabs, done in Chubby Hubby’s recommended Caboodle mix. The seafood was fresh and the crab had a body full of al dente roe, but it was still a little smaller than what I am typically used to when I think sri lankan. The Caboodle mix was interesting. One could taste the Cajun roots with the variety of spices but the flavor didn’t manage to fully developed nor infuse the fresh seafood. G thought they were a bit too generous with the oil in the mix and I too agree that they could really refine the mix and cooking technique such that the flavors do resonate throughout the food.

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If you do need any carbs to go with the swimming protein, I recommend sticking with the sweet potato fries and cider, and ditching the corn. It would have been a different story if they used the tri-coloured uber sweet corn though. Not sure if the experience would have been better if we did the caboodle boil in the titanic pot. We did spy a table digging into it and I guess, maybe the simply steamed seafood and dunking them in the various sauces might give for a better combination of flavors. I do give credit to CIDB for giving decent value for the fresh and well cooked seafood it serves up, but they are still a tad rough along the edges in terms of execution, if you ask me, so for now, I think we will still make the longer drive down to Serangoon if we ever do crave crab in the bag.

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